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Something about me

Welcome to my website dedicated to drawing and painting! I am Kateřina Slunečková, a painter and audiovisual artist. After the birth of my daughter, I spent most of my time on playgrounds, but the desire to paint was still strong within me. So, I started painting together with my daughter and later with other children as well. Eventually, I decided to lead classes and courses for larger groups and the public.

In my courses, I use only high-quality materials because I believe that the quality not only affects the result but also the experience of creating art. Each course is specific, but all the necessary materials for creating art are provided.

Besides children's courses, I have also joined the work in a senior home. Together with my mother, we regularly visit the retirement home "Eliška Purkyně" and paint with the residents.

Currently, I have started conducting painting workshops for adults in the new space of Ateliér M6.

Take a look at what I offer and choose what suits you best.

My philosophy 

My philosophy revolves around individual approach. I don't want the classes to be a mass affair where there is not enough time for each child. Therefore, the capacities are limited to 4-8 children. I conduct the classes either by myself or with an assistant depending on the number of participants. The main focus remains on painting images on canvases. I aim to break barriers associated with canvases, colors, and brushes for adults. I believe that everyone, regardless of age, can leave with their own painting to hang on their wall at home. It's essential to let children create freely but also provide them with assistance and guidance. I don't want to impose my vision; I only offer a helping hand and explain painting techniques and basics.

Where to find us

I'm delighted to announce a new chapter in my artistic journey! Since August 2023, I've acquired a new space in Letná, on Malířská Street. For four years, I conducted courses in the Lesser Town, but now I have the opportunity to utilize this new space, which serves both as a workshop area and an art gallery. You can look forward to an inspirational and creative environment, offering not only education but also the opportunity to exhibit artistic works. Come join my artistic community in Letná!


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